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To Kill A Mockingbird | Book Review

 "Mockingbirds don’t do one thing except make music for us to enjoy. They don’t eat up people’s gardens, don’t nest in corn cribs, they don’t do one thing but sing their hearts out for us. That’s why it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird.” 

 SUCH AN AMAZING BOOK, guys! I'm glad I've finally read it.

 Well, I'm sure that you all know this story, but, just in case, I'll give you a description from Goodreads:

 Firstly, I want to point out the fact, that I haven't read such a Feel-Like-Home book in a loooong time. All those nature descriptions brought back my childhood memories of summers spent in my grandparents' village house. This warm and cosy feeling inside...aaarrrww. It felt like a time travel in my head, and it was magical!

 About my copy of a book in a few words, it's:
-- in Russian
-- I've read a first half of a book in hardback, omnibus that includes the "Dandelion Wine" by Ray Bradbury, "The Catcher in the Rye" by J.D. Sainger and, of course, "To Kill A Mockingsbird" by Harper Lee. And then I stopeed for a few month (finals in University made me), and after that "pause" I finished it on 2 e-readers (my sister's and mine). Yeah, it's really complicated :)
-- total page count: 421 (159 pages of a physical book and 269 pages on e-books :)). Well, it's important to me to know this, because I want to know my Total Pages Read in 2013 Count. [blame it on Goodreads :)]
-- got it from my mum's library (that's where all this awesome book buying came from...:))
 I really enjoyed following Scout (Jean Louise, our narrator and protagonist), Jem (Jeremy, her older brother) and Dill (Charles, their best friend, that comes to Maycomb every summer) in their growing up and learning life lessons journey, because I think nothing is as charming as getting to know some stories through kids' eyes and from their point of view. It's sooo sweet, that I couldn't help myself and just smiled when Scout made her own conclusions, even when they were based on someone else's.
 Well, I was so smily not all the time, though. This book is not all rainbows and unicorns. I had some troubles with racism in this book, and it's a huge part of it (which I'm sure you know about (or if you don't, I think you should know, just in case)]. I'm agains racism in any form and it's hard for me (yes, heart-breakingly hard) to read about it. Usually, I'm not reading books that include violence and insults because I'm tooo emotional about it. I empathise A LOT and could come close to a nervouse breakdown cliff [CONFESSION TIME].'s a problem, I know.
 But I really wanted to finish this book, I loved the writing (I've also checked it in English, for having a full picture, as the saying goes). Sooo, I rallied and kept reading, taking those parts as historical detailes, that I can't change (well, fow now, since I can't travel in time) and understood that my worries won't help in this case.

 This book coveres some of the major life topics such as importance of family, our place in the world, acting with respect to one another, living in times of the Great Depression and many others.
 One of the main themes of "To Kill a Mockingbird" is how to be humans in the first place, stop dividing people by skin colours (jeez, it's only melanin, guys!), stop putting ourselves above the other people, because we're all humans, we're the same (Well, almost all. There're still a bunch of terrible people, who's actions have no excuse...). And this books has some lines told by Atticus that made me think a lot about this subject:

 “Atticus, he was real nice."
 "Most people are, Scout, when you finally see them."
  “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view... Until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it.”

 We shouldn't forget that we are humans. Because more often you could see that wild animals are kinder than us. 
 Atticus is an amazing character! He's a dream father. Kind and caring, wise, a truth-seeker (which is important for a good lawyer, I think:)) He quickly became one of my Top Favourite Secondary Characters (I'll make a list soon, The Broke and The Bookish (with their Top Ten Tuesdays) are great inspirers!). I'd follow a man like him in real life with no regrets. Wish there were more Atticus'.
 I'll finish my review with one his words about courage, because they sank deep into my head:

 “I wanted you to see what real courage is, instead of getting the idea that courage is a man with a gun in his hand. It's when you know you're licked before you begin, but you begin anyway and see it through no matter what."

 Guys, guys, GUYS! Please, read this book (if you haven't yet). I waited many years to finally got to it, and, honestly, no regrets! Because I think I understood it better than I could before, in younger age. This masterpiece deserves all the love and I hope you feel the same. Wish Harper Lee could write one more book like this...
 Have a great reading, good start of studying and DFTBA!

 P.S. If you wanna discuss this book, it'll be absolutely awesome! 
 P.S.P.S. I think I'll check the "Uncle Tom's Cabin" soon...(yeeeah, haven't read it yet).

* * * * * indeed.

I've first published this review on my Booklikes page.

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Awesome Barnes&Noble E-Book Deals

First published here.

 I've got this in newsletter and want to share with you. Maybe you'll find (well, I'm sure you'll find) somethings for you here. I'll link some of them and full list of deals below.  Images are links to those e-books. All books are $2,99 and less.

[I had some posting problems, so you can see prices on actual B&N page. Sorry for that. I'll try to improve my skills]


Bright Young Things Cover

 Here are the links to both full e-books lists. There're a LOT of awesome books. Check it out!

P.S. I don't own this photos. I used a Google Search to show you the covers.

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Me and Earl and the Dying Girl | Book Review

From my Booklikes Page to you. (again)

“If after reading this book you come to my home and brutally murder me, I do not blame you.” - Greg.

Absolutely F***ING AMAZING!!! This book is definitely a contemporary masterpiece! I even think, that you don't have to put a YA/contemporary or other genre stamp on it, because I'm sure that people of all ages will enjoy how super-duper zingy it is:) (word flood is coming)

First time I've heard of this book from Raeleen from padfootandprongs07 Top 12 of 2012 video ( Little later I found her review video and it made me wanna read this book even more. ( So thank you VERY-VERY much, Raeleen, for your raving with love opinion, it really helped me and made me eventually buy&read this awesome book! 

O.K. Thoughts.
Despite the fact, that it contains the girl dying from leukemia (and it's not funny at all no matter how you'll put this. I'm a medical student so I'm taking this stuff more serious), but this book is freaking hilarious! I've literally laughed my ass off and now it lives it's own life somewhere near Fiji and sending me some strange postcards from there. Oh my...:) 
Jesse Andrews's writing style is outstanding! His characters are guys and girls just like us, and even when they do/say some weird stuff you can find more similarities than you think you would. And it's great, 'cos we can learn some lessons depending on this. Greg don't stop telling that he writes a shitty book, but even this detail makes it unique and corky. And all those stuff that he said about Rachel at the end is so true...sometimes I have thoughts like this about cheer up movies, too (but I don't wanna spoil the plot for you, so I will fasten my little review up). You'll see what I mean when you'll check this book out. 
I liked reading from Earl's perspective. He's weird and stupid sometimes, but at the same time he's really kind and motivated to do good stuff (even when he don't wanna show it, or even when all his kindness is deeeeeeep inside)). And Earl. Earl, Earl, Earl. I really didn't expact that he's such a cool guy! Realization of this particular fact came to me in the end of the book, after his speach adressed to Greg. Good-hearted and understanding dude (Even with all his dumbass moments). True story:)

Now, for sure, "Me and Earl and the Dying girl" became 1 of my top-read-in-2013-books this year so far (and I'm absolutely positive, that from now on this book is one of my most favourite books ever read!!!)

Yeah, I can prattle a lot about this book, but neither of you will handle this talk-flow-thing. In sum, I just want all of you awesome fellows to read this book. You won't regret, I promise!
Have a great reads!!! 

* * * * * It deserves all the stars in the Universe!

DIVERGENT | Book Review

At first, I've postet this review on my Booklikes Page.

“We believe in ordinary acts of bravery, in the courage that drives one person to stand up for another.”

 I just don't want to stop reading it and I don't want this book to stop. I want to read Insurgent right now, like immediately!!! So that's what I'll do:)
Thank you, Ms. Roth! Just THANK YOU! (this world building, this characters, each of them is real hero for me (well, good ones indeed).
  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this book! Amazed me page after page. 
 Tris is strong (and the fact that she's cute and tiny shouldn't confuse you. She's stronger and braver than it seems), she gives us hope, shows us how to fight for what you love and believe in. And even her love thoughts, that sometimes felt out of place, didn't change my final opinion ('cos, people, she's 16!!! I think I thought and reasoned the same, if not more childishly:))). Amazing character! I felt stronger myself (braver side of mine. Yeah!!!) after reading this book. I even want to punch someone (bad one) IN THE FACE! and learn some martial arts:)
  And...Four...Tobias...Gush..........( words could describe it...nuuuh)) I want this fictional guy....what's wrong with me??? Nothing! 'Cos he's amazing! :)
His story, his character, his strength...jeez! He's a MAN! (Automatically in my Top Male Characters List, forever!:))

If you haven't read it yet, what you waiting for, man??? 
O.K. I'm running to pick up Insurgent! 
Be strong and DFTBA!

P.S. I'm reading one good book after another. It's AWESOME! And Oh Man! I recieve a present with super-mega-sexy guy in every dystopian novel I'm reading...Now, how am I supposed to find guys like them here??? Aaaaaaaaah. *dreamy sighs*

P.S.P.S. I'm really excited and looking forward for movie to come!!! I like the cast, for me it's perfect !(Theo James...(*__*) (He's Four, just look at him!!!), Shailene Woodley (hope! She's cute and strong. I think she'll be amazing Tris), Kate Winslet (dang! I don't know how I'll feel about it in future...her chacacter is such a b***h in book...), Ashley Judd, Maggie Q and many-many other. YaY! O.K. I'll stop ranting. Cheers!

“Becoming fearless isn't the point. That's impossible. It's learning how to control your fear, and how to be free from it.”

* * * * * and I wish I could give it more.

Breakfast at Tiffany's | Boor Review

 Posted at first on my Booklikes page

Capote's most loved and well-known novella, first published in November, 1958, tells us about Holly, Holly Golightly (yes, I think that this woman might have been awesome James Bond, if she had been alive:) - exceptional woman with mazy past, outstanding present and you-won't-know-it future, through eyes and words of unnamed writer, who was her neighbor and friend. Once in NY...

 “It may be normal, darling; but I'd rather be natural.” 

  really liked this novella! It was quick and fun read, full of captivating writing and characters, that made this book a treasure for me. About my copy in few words:
* it's in Russian
* movie poster hardback
* has 160 pages
* adorable (*.*)

  Holly is SOMETHING! Very extraordinary character, multi-faceted, with story absolutely amazing personality.
  Until now, I've decided not to hang those "And now THIS is my favourite classic" or "Move, Gatsby!" labels on classic books, especially since I've not read a lot of classic in past, and every newly read good one can become my next "I love it!" one.
  Chic! This book is posh! Short, but such a significant story! Magnifique!
  Holly Golightly is a young woman, with heart of girl and mind of lion. She had a difficult past, that made her become a woman from an early age (well, for me it's early, but I won't tell you the age, spoiler free territory here), withstand different situations, fight for her future (believe me, I'm not over-dramatizing here, it's short part of the book, but turn up logic&imagination and you'll see, what I mean) and made herself a name in middle 40's NY society, that tells a lot about a small-town girl. OK, I really don't want to spoil the book and it seems like I'm starting to do it...So I'll stop here.
  I'll simply give you some quotes, that can pull a curtain for you a little:

"If I could find a real-life place that made me feel like Tiffany's, then I'd buy some furniture and give the cat a name.”

 “Leave it to me: I'm always top banana in the shock department.”

 “The blues are because you're getting fat or maybe it's been raining too long. You're sad, that's all. But the mean reds are horrible. You're afraid and you sweat like hell, but you don't know what you're afraid of. Except something bad is going to happen, only you don't know what it is.” 

 “You’re wrong. She is a phony. But on the other hand you’re right. She isn’t a phony because she’s a real phony. She believes all this crap she believes. You can’t talk her out of it.”  

  The storyteller himself wasn't a big deal for me. He's actually a dull spot, comparing to Holly, more like a background or messenger. But Capote's writing gave him a favor, so you can imagine yourself sitting with him in some bar in NY and listening to story, that you won't forget. And in the end, you'll wish you could know that woman in person.

As always, when it comes to a good book, READ IT! I'm sure you'll enjoy this pure gold of classic literature.

Keep reading and DFTBA!

* * * * *

INSURGENT | Book Review

 I've posted this before on my Booklikes page. Still haven't decided which one I prefer...Blogger or Booklikes....

"Insurgent," he says. "Noun. A person who acts in opposition to the established authority, who is not necessarily regarded as a belligerent."

 One day, Veronica Roth have decided to write a book. And it was one of her best decisions ever! So, THANK YOU, Veronica!!! You're in my Top Favourite Authors list now and I think carefully while adding someone there, because things like that is really important to me. (Perks of being a booklover:)

 OK, lets get to the point.
 I've finished this book on July, 16 and could properly write about it only weeks after that. Yes, that's true. After reading the last word I couldn't even speak normally to say nothing about writing. I could just say "WHAT???" "WHAAAAAAAAAT?" :)
 As usually, I won't spoil anything, but what I can tell is it was one of theHUGEST cliffhangers, I've ever read...And when I turned the page with eyes like that O__O to see what will happen next and found "Acknowledgement"...OH MY!!! I was home alone and literally shouted "WHAAAT?", "HOW?", "WHAT?"...Now I can't wait for "Allegiant" and it'll come out only in October...jeez. What am I supposed to do? I still haven't got used to waiting for the next book. Because here, where I live, we usually got whole series translated all at once. (well, I'm talking about series that I read).

 I'll try to keep this review shorter, 'cos as you may know,  I can speak (write) for aaaaages:)
 I really liked to know more about factions and Chicago itself here (I've never been to Chicago, so now I have an interesting image in my head. Lets hope that I won't be jumping about every sound there and won't turn my head like crazy searching for danger, because in some moments this book was intense like that and it imprinted in my memory, I'm sure.). Now I knew more about relations between factions, their views on each other, more about their leaders (well, for factions that have ones), more about past. And I like that in books.

[ That is what series exist for (one of the reasons) - you'll know more and more with each book. 1st book will ignite a desire to read this series in you, will tell you basics and show you few flashbacks. And then the 2nd one will open up a whole picture, it'll be deeper and even stronger, and you won't be able to put in down, because "WHAT'S NEXT, MAN?". And finally the 3rd one. It will wrap the whole thing up, often with freaking wtf moments (it's dystopian novel, dude). And don't tell me it's not true (look at The Hunger Games, this series description is basically fits there, too. Good for me, then:))
 My attempt to become a bookish philosopher]

 I want to say, that with this book i got few massive bonuses:
-- I got 2 favourite supporting characters, that I can add to my Top Supporting Characters List (it's all about lists, maaan). I'm writing about Zeke and Uriah, Oooooh, I LOVE THOSE TWO! They gave me this "Aaaaw!" moment ^.^ in book and I really appreciate that (love those moments). SUPER!
-- I was surprised by some characters (no spoilers, but P...surprise, surprise...), and it was pleasant surprises.
-- LOVE BONUS. Because Four. (Do I need to explane this? Nuh, I think I don't) :)

 Well, about love. Relationship between Tris and Four in Insurgent was in most parts like a GIANT roller-coaster, but that's O.K. It looks more realistic like that. (But in some parts I honestly thought that "they'll punch each other in the face now". Tension, tension..). EMOTIONS, guys, EMOTIONS! Four.....(I'd still marry him at the earliest opportunity....yes. Top Man!)
 There're also some moments when I thought that Tris is sobbing too much, but then I tried to put myself in her shoes. And what I can tell you, is that I'm not sure I wouldn't curl and coccon myself like a freaking butterfly if such situations happen in my like (God forbid). So, I think that readers should try to understand characters better before judging them. This thought helped me a lot.
There were few unexpected deaths, and I wasn't well prepared for them. But what can we do, right? It happens a lot in books like this one. So, I think that I should be awared next time.
 And, finally, award for Biggest Disappointment - Caleb! I won't tell you why, you have to figure it out yourself (maybe you won't even feel the way I felt, who knows?!). But I was reeeealy frustrated and sometimes even annoyed by him. Didn't expact that...

 O.K., fellaz. I gave this book 5/5 [*****] stars on Goodreads, and I wish I could give it more (but it's a maximum and It's a pity!). AMAZING BOOK! Hope that waiting for "Allegiant" will pass easily.

 Hope you're reading your next favourite book now. Wish you all the best and DFTBA!

About my copy:
-language: Russian
-format: Hardback (with original cover art)
-pages: 448
-publisher: Eksmo
-where have I got it? Bought it for myself:).

"Sometimes [...] people just want to be happy, even if it's not real"

* * * * *

CITY OF BONES Graphic Novel. Issue #1 | Graphic Novel Review

Back in January, 2013 (yeeah, sometimes I just forget to add things like that) I've read the 1st issue in City of Bones, Graphic novel series, right after finishing the City of Bones by Cassandra Clare itself.. And now, flying through the Goodreads pages, I've stumble upon it and was like "ooooh, yeeeeah, I've read it!".

This graphic novel is (obviously) an adaptation of Clare's book City of Bones (#1 in The Mortal Instruments series, but I think you knew it without me). It was adapted by Mike Raicht and illustraited by Nicole Virella (amazing!!!) and also includes art work by bunch of other cool people.

I've really liked it. It was a quick and easy read, just to refresh my memories from reading a book and make pictures in my head more visual *yay! to pictures in my head* :) The art work is absolutely awesome, detailed, colourful and, yes, graphic! It shows us the story from Pandemonium Club stuff and until the moment, when Clary faces the monster in her appartment. #1 issue has 31 pages, and I think you'll fly through them in a few minutes.

You could find a Goodreads description here, and also see other people's reviews :)

Hope you're doing great! Keep calm and DFTBA!

I don't own a cover picture. Just googled it and insurted.

* * * *

Better World Books

 Maybe you have already heard about this awesome site, but if not...

 I want to introduce you to amazing Better World Books (BWB)!

[First of all, they didn't pay me to write about them and didn't ask me. So it's my decision, because I think you should know about this site and organization]

 Basically, every time you buy something from BWB someone in the world, who needs a book, gets it. How amazing a book charity could be!!! Also, you can donate $ and books to them, so they will provade some people with books. I used their site (only once, but still) and got hardback in good used condition for only $8 (WOW, right?)

 Also, they're eco-friendly! 
 BWB has already raised nearly $15,000,000 for literacy and libraries. Peepz all over the world have donated almost 9,900,000 books!!! They reused or recycled nearly 110,600,000 books...Man, I think it's awesome.

If you are interested to know more, buy some books (their bargain bin is massive!!! I haven't reached the end of it yet....) + save the money and also help you could check out BWB here:

O.K., that's all I wanted to say.
Cheers! (And don't stop reading!!!)

A Quick Bookish Survey

 Inspired by The Broke and the Bookish blog post I've decided to do this Bookish Survey myself.

1. Currently reading:
 Last Sacrifice by Richelle Mead (#6 in Vampire Academy series). I need to finish this series!!!

2. The last book I finished:
 Spirit bound by Richelle Mead (#5 in Vampire Academy series). It took me 2 YEARS to finish this book, but I'm glad I finally did it.

3. The next book I want to read:
 Walking Disaster (Beautiful #2) by Jamie McGuire. Since I've absolutely adored Beautiful Disaster (it's one of my "guilty pleasure noverls". I devoured it in almost one sitting - 2 days - and for me, as I'm a slow reader, it's an amazing speed:)) I really want to read this book like NOW!!! I've got an e-book copy, so..looking forward to read it asap.

4. The last book I bought:
 The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making (Fairyland #1) by Catherynne M. Valente [LONGEST TITLE AWARD goes to...]. I'm really excited to get and read it, because I've heard only amazing reviews for it.

5. The last book I was given:
 I had a hard time with this point...Usually, I buy books for myself and since me and my family have a HUGE library, I am rarely receiving books as a gift. Even my family members give me books rarely, because even them aren't sure about what books I do have and what don't.
 But then I started remembering and voilà! My sister bought The Host for me at the beginning of this year (or at the end of 2012...ah, whatever). So this was the last book I was given. (well, as far as I could remember:))

 Hope you've enjoyed this quick survey. Have a great day, keep reading and DFTBA!

P.S. I got all this pics from Google. I don't own them.

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12ft tall Mr. Darcy sculpture in Hyde Park? Yes, it is.

Yes, you've read it right. 12ft tall Mr.Darcy sculpture rises from London's Serpentine in Hyde Park.

Here you can watch a video:

Amazing, isn't it? Like dream came true:)

Go a watch it (him) yourself, if you're somewhere near.
Read Pride&Prejudice and DFTBA!

Picture was taken from here:

Bookish lists

Hey, guys!
I've found 2 interesting bookish lists for you. Hope you'll like it!


25 Adult Books For Fans Of YA

(I, personally, really like this list)


95 Young Adult Books To Read This Summer Instead Of Reading 'Harry Potter' AGAIN

(I think that it's nothing bad (IT"S AWESOME) to re-read Harry Potter series again and again. But this list of books is huge!!! Each and every one can find here a book for him/herself or even itself (for our alien friend, who despise/don't-have a gender at all (OK, just joking..maybe:))

Have a great weekend! 
Keep reading and DFTBA!

P.S. Why am I not at VidCon now?...Stupid me:(   

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Hello, booklovers! I've got a COVER REVEAL for YOU!

Yes, that's right. As my first post I'll give you a cover reveal of...

*drum roll*

CRESS by Marissa Meyer!

  I've found out about it this morning and want to share it with you, guys!
Oh My Glob!!! This cover is absolutely stunning! (That's what happens when people love their job:))
 Cress (Meyer's retelling of Rapunzel fairy tale) will be the 3rd book in The Lunar Chronicles series. Hardback release date: February 4, 2014. Publisher: Feiwel & Friends.  (

I'm happy right now...(*__*)

You can pre-order this book from BookDepository with free shipping worldwide (because they're awesome like this):

Wish you all the best. Keep reading and DFTBA!

Picture was taken from USA TODAY  post, that you could find above.