Sunday, 19 January 2014

BIG BOOKS (600+pages) to read in 2014

 In my last post I've said that I'll name my 5 600+ pages books to read in 2014. All of them are in Russian, by the way. So, as i've promised, here they are:

= "American Gods (686 pages). The Monarch of the Glen. Anansi Boys" by Neil Gaiman. I have them in omnibus, 1120 pages long. Yap!

 It looks like that, except it doesn't have black edges (thanks, publisher...:/)

= "Cloud atlas" by David Mitchell (704 pages).

= "Wizard's First Rule" by Terry Goodkind (875 pages), movie tie-in edition;

= "Clockwork angel" by Cassandra Clare (720 pages);

 Russian copy looks the same, so here you go.=) Well, except for length and paper quality...

And finally, 1 of these two is optional. I'd love to read both, but I can't promise, even myself.

= "Public Enemies" by Bryan Burrough (656 pages) / "Shantaram" by Gregory David Roberts (854 pages).


 Quite a list. huh? Hope *fingers crossed* I'll read all of those, but We'll see.

 Have a great day, awesome books and DFTBA! 

What about your big books list? What was the biggest (CHUNKSTER!) book you've read last year?


 So, holidays are finally over for me and it's time for summing ups.=)

I haven't set myself any more challenges than 2013 Goodreads Challenge last year. At first, it was 50 books challenge, but then I decreased it to 45 books. Because Googreads is my friend he (yes, he))) counts everything, even novellas, as a book. So it this case I managed to read 53 books in 2013:

-- 31,5 physical books (I've read 1/2 of "The love of the last tycoon" in book form and listened to another half as an audiobook);
-- 16 e-books (5 of them were YA novellas from different dystopian series);
-- 5,5 audiobooks (December was an Audiobook month for me, thanks for awesome Estelle, who reads audiobooks on her way to work and that gave me an idea to listen to audiobooks in public transport (yes... I couldn't figure it out myself.... Dang it!)).

 It terms of pages I've read 15954 pages (14220 in finished books and 1534 in unfinished ones). Wow, right? I've read equivalent of 2 "Song of Ice and Fire" books with those unfinished books... =D
 Most reading months were September and December - 9books each. I don't care about gender and nationality so I don't count in those categories.

 O.k., I didn't want to talk about book buying and reading of books I bought last year, but I need to. Lets be honest, peeps!
 I bought 287 books last year (not all of them were for me, though) and read only 23 of them... Yeah... shame-shame-shame. But I'll change this in 2014 for sure!

 And now about my READING PLANS FOR 2014.
 I set myself a 60 books Goodreads challenge. And I want ro read minimum:

-- 5 non-fiction books;
-- 30 books from my shelves (bought before Jan 2014);
-- 5 audiobooks;
-- 5 600+ pages books (I chose those books and will talk about them in the next post);
-- start and/or finish book series (at least 1, folks, 'coz I'm bad with finishing my series);
-- 10 e-books (lets support e-books, too);
-- from my sister - read whole "The Lord of The Rings" and "The Hobbit". Yeah, I haven't read these (shame for such a Tolkien universe lover and movie adaptations geek).

 And as a bonus:
 read al least 3 Dr John Green's books. I've read (and adored) "The Fault in Our Stars" in 2013, but that's the only book by him I've read in my life. And I want to change that.

 That's all, in general.=)
 Hope you've had a wonderful bookish 2013. Wish you even better 2014! Keep reading and DFTBA!