Sunday, 27 April 2014

Dewey's #Readathon Update #3 and Wrap Up

Currently reading: Charlotte's Web by E.B.White (110/166 pages read).
I thought I'll finish it, but no. Well, I'll continue reading no matter what.:)

Books finished: 1 (The Story of Mr. Sommer by Patrick Süskind).

Pages read: 146.
Read remaining 36 pages of The Story... and 110 pages of Charlotte's Web.

Running total of pages read: 322.

Amount of time spent reading: 3 hours 40 minutes.

Running total of time spent reading: 9 hours 40 minutes.

Snacks: You don't even want to know! Haha.

Well, that's not bad for the first time, right? Considering sleep, cooking and watching a few YT videos for relaxation.:)

Thank you so much to Heather and Andi from The Estella's Society! I had sooooo much fun. The coolest weekend in a looooong time.:)

I'll be participating in October for sure. (*.*)
Hope everyone had as much fun as I did!
Have an amazing day, awesome book and READ!
(so of you may need a nap, though:))

P.S. and DFTBA!:)


  1. I think you were pretty successful! I was happy to finish one book as well, but even more important is whether what you read was enjoyable and whether the event was fun! :)

    1. Aw, thank you.:)
      It was super fun indeed. I'll be participating in October for sure. Hope you've had a great time, too.

    2. I did, thanks! :) Again next time ;)