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THE ROSIE PROJECT by Graeme Simsion | Book Review

 Narrator Don Tillman 39, Melbourne genetics prof and Gregory Peck look-alike,  sets a 16-page questionnaire The Wife Project to find a non-smoker, non-  drinker ideal match. But Rosie and her Father Project supersede. The  spontaneous always-late smoker-drinker wants to find her biological father.  She resets his clock, throws off his schedule, and turns his life topsy-turvy.

 The secong book on my memory that has (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction by The Rolling Stones in it. This should mean something.=) (I LOVE that song after Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire, because I've listened to it non-stop last spring. It's like my spring theme song)

 O.k. the book!
It was really cute in some places, serious in other and kept me guessing, who that freaking biological father was, so I stayed awake for half of the night to find it out.
 I really liked Don, as a character, he's such a deary. Liked his candor and he made me laugh/smile a lot, especially in the first half of a book, when he still was more himself and hasn't changed. At first, he says almost everything that comes to his mind and in the second half he become skilled in communication and can sense people's moods and starts to filter his words. Don was trying his best throughout the book, but people don't seem to see that. I wanted to pat his back 60% of time, because, like seriously, his Asperger Syndrome is not diagnosed, but it's OBVIOUS!!! And no one seems to notice that and keep calling him "weird" and treat him like he's pretending...  Even his best friends, Gene and Claudia (despite the fact that they're psychologists - O.K., they hinted it to him and he didn't understand, but still), same as Rosie, who's physology student... Weird.

 As for Rosie, I didn't like her. I thought she will be that corky and fun, easy-going lady, that loves to make some noise, but she was sooo stubborn, often unsympathetic and sometimes even mean to Don. He doesn't deserve that. Many described their relationship like if Sheldon (from The Big Bang Theory) falls for Penny, but for me it was more like if Sheldon falls for Bernadette. And the fact that Don changed so much for her, even when it was soooo hard for him, and Rosie stayed almost the same, maybe became a little more calm and soft (yes!), but still..nuh. This situation disappointed me, to be honest.
 Speaking of secondary characters, I liked Claudia. She is really helpful, despite the fact that Don often drives her nuts and she's strong and keeps her family together, while Gene, who's her husband always cheat and act like a douche. Also I really like Dave. He appeared only in second half of a book and has a small part, but I'd love to know more about this simple, down-to-earth family guy, who supported Don, when he needed it. And I think I'll get a chance to do that. Soon. *wink* =)

 Now about the plot in few words. First 40-45% of the book was hi-la-ri-ous! Then after that mark, everything became more serious and even kinda sad at one point. I really wanted to support Don, because others often ignored him. The mystery element kept me guesing and at the middle of the book I got the right answer, but then Don found out some more interesting stuff and confused me, so I strayed in his surmises and began to suspect every man older than 50.=D 
 Also I'd like to mention, that I wasn't a big fan of abruptness of chapters. It felt like they were choped, like everytime I thought that something is about to happen with one of the cha..THE END! That's what it felt like. The ending for me was a bit rushed, but since it's a happy ending, I'm Okay with that. And actually despite all the small flaws, I really liked this book and those flaws weren't that annoying after all. Everything wrapped up perfectly and this made me smile.
 And considering all that perfect ending, I was really surprised to found out, that the sequel will be released in September... But then again in Thank You part of the book author tells us that this book was supposed to be a script for TV show/movie at first, and then with help of bunch of awesome peeps became a book. So being turned into a series kinda make sense now. Still not sure if I want to read the sequel or not, but I think that, at the end of the day, I'll pick it up and read it in 2-3 sittings just like The Rosie Project.

 So. My overall impression is REALLY GOOD! I gave this book 4/5 stars on Goodreads and would recommend it to you, fellow reader, if you want to read fun, quick and easy, light-hearted book with a thick drop of "who's my bio father" mystery and cute main character, who you'd like to protect like your own bro/kid (well, he's 39 years old, so for me he's a bro, but you know, you know) and who you'd like to hug most of the time.=) 


P.S. Ah, this would sound selfish, but I think I could be a good choice for Don...just sayin'. (joking! Maybe...)

O.K. that's it for today! Have an amazing day, awesome book and READ!

About my copy in few words:
ebook, in Russian, published by Sindbad in 2013, translated by Irina Litvinova (awesome translation, easy to get through in 2 sittings). 500 pages on my e-reader (because of screen size), physical copy has 352 pages. Source: borrowed from a friend (thanks, F.!)

Goodreads: The Rosie Project + The Rosie Effect (the sequel) | (The Book Depository (I'm not an affiliate, it's just a link)

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