Friday, 16 May 2014

BOUT OF BOOKS 10.0: Rainbow Book Challenge and Co.

Bout of Books

 Hello, lovely readers!
Hope you're doing great and reading some interesting book at the moment.=) [Well, you're reading this at the moment, but anyway]

 I really-really liked both of today's challenges - Cover Scavenger Hunt hosted by Book Monster and Rainbow Book Challenge hosted by Neon Yeti Reads (awesome name, by the way).

 So, I decided to participate in both of them. I've done the first one on Book Monster's blog, because that's where you have to do it. And now I want to do the second one here.
 The rules are simple: create a book rainbow and share it with other participants and readers.
 I'll be honest with you, I had some troubles with shades of purple, because I don't have a whole lot of books with purple spines, but I tried my best, so that's how my Book Rainbow looks:

  Well, what can I say, for me - IT'S GORGEOUS! I love the colours! Love-love-love.=) So humble.. (*.~)
 Now I need to name this books, so you can understand what some of them are (because I have titles not only in English, but also in Russian and Ukrainian here.)

1. White: The Wind in Willows by Kenneth Grahame (Russian title: "Ветер в ивах", Кеннет Грэм);
2. Red: Half Bad by Sally Green (Ukrainian title: "Напівлихий", Саллі Грін);
3. Orange: To Timbuktu by Casey Scieszka (words) and Steven Weinberg (art);
4. Yellow: The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling (Russian title: "Случайная вaкaнсия", Дж.К. Роулинг);
5. Green: Eating Animals by Jonatan Safran Foer (Russian title: "Мясо", Джонатан Сафран Фоер);
6. Blue: Attachments by Rainbow (ha! see what I've done there) Rowell;
7. Purple: Io No by Lorenzo Licalzi (Originally published in Italian, Russian title: "Я - нет", Лоренцо Ликальци. Not translated into English, sorry.); 
8. Violet (darker purple): Alif the Unseen by G. Willow Wilson (the cover inself is just WOW!);
9. Black: The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey (Russian title: "5-ая волна", Рик Янси).

 That's it! What do you think about my book rainbow?
 If you've done your own book rainbow, link it down below, so I can check it. Maybe we have the same books on our lists.=)

 Hope you're doing wow! with your Bout of Books goals.
It's time to say bye-bye.

Have an amazing day, awesome book and READ!


  1. Lovely book rainbow! It's interesting to see the Ukrainian alphabet - it seems similar to Russian cyrillic but not completely. (I can read Russian alphabet and I understand some Russian but not that much!) I have the same copy of Alif the Unseen at home and it's so pretty! Have you read it by the way? One of my favourite books from last year.

    1. Cool! I can't read in Estonian or Finnish.. But I think it's not read hard, once you get the pronunciation right. But I might be completely wrong...:)

      90% of Ukrainian, Russian, Belarus alphabets are same letters. Because all these languages are from the same group. And letters are in Cyrillic.:) So I think you can read in Ukrainian as well. We even have "i" in our alphabet. But it reads like "ee":)

      I haven't read it yet, but I really want to. And I will, soon. It's just, my tbr is INSANE!
      So many people said this book is amazing! Looking forward to it.:)