Wednesday, 19 February 2014

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty by James Thurber | Audiobook & Short Story Review

 I'll post here both first thoughts (below) and thoughts after listening to an audiobook version, because they're really different.=)
PLEASE, if you're in any way like me, LISTEN TO THIS SHORT STORY AS AN AUDIOBOOK (it's only 15 min long, guys)!!! Ben Stiller rocks!
IT'S FREE on (at least now).

Update from February, 19, 2014:
 Hm, now, after listening to an audiobook narrated by Ben Stiller (brilliant narration, btw) I changed my mind about this short story completely and will be increasing my rating to 3,5, maybe even 4 stars (you'll see 4 stars anyway).
 Guess, this story has to be read to you, because whole picture appeared in front of my eyes while I was listening and story itself become understandable and I related to the main character, because who doesn't daydream entering some different worlds or situations, right?:)

 Maybe it's just me, but I don't usually change my rating if I didn't like the story (or just book in general) for the first time and most of the time I don't do a research if I didn't understand something in the book (maybe it's kinda lame, but oh well...), because I think books should be comprehensible for a readers of pretty much any intelligence (at least it suits my idea of books).
 But everything changed with this short story! Because when I was reading it myself almost all the voices sounded the same in my head, but Ben Stiller done an excellent job narrating this story and helped me to like it whole lot. Can't wait to watch the movie now.:)

First thoughts [Feb, 17, 2014]:
Aaarm, I got a feeling that I've missed something, because otherwise I just don't really understand what was that??? I like reading short stories with rich plot, but this one felt like stream of conciousness or throwing random facts in my face... Weird, tbh, because I haven't read anything like this for a loooong time.
Guess I need to re-read this short story someday, when I'm not sleepy or annoyed.::D . [gave it 2 stars back then]

Final rating:

* * * ,5-* * * * stars.

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