Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi | Book Review

Seriously, Goodreads, you need to add 0,5s to your rating system, because all this is getting ridiculous...

More like 2,5/5 in my opinion.
Guys... Over-hyping sucks.
I was expecting so much more from this YA dystopian novel, and for me it turned into some bad romantic X-Men parody or romance in messed up society. I should carve it in stone that I won't read next "Hunger Games" (not in terms of arena, but in terms of amazingly written dystopian novel), no matter how hard I try and search for it. It was unique story, all kind of awesome and no one should compare any other book to "HG" any more. K? 

I don't know why lots of people become team Warner and stuff, maybe it's only after the next novella, but still, he seems to be crazy dude. Like for real.
And one more time in my reading history I liked side character more than main ones (I'm talking about Kenji, if someone's interested). Juliette was too whiny and blushy, like, guys, if I was blushing so many times (3 times on 1 page, man!) I'd thought I have a problem... Also, what a heck, why does she always think about different guy when she's with another one? Didn't get that. Or she's in love with both? Nuts!:/ And with all that fock yeah power, why did she allowed some jerks imprison her. do all that horrible things to her and treat her like she's nothing??? Dang! I wanted another kick ass heroine on my list, but no, not this time.
As for Adam, well, I liked his character way more than Warner,and if I have to choose a team (which I'm sure I don't), I'll be on his side of that cray triangle. But still, I think he's too good. Unbelievably nice. He seems to be flawless and even despite a fact I like him, all that was unrealistic. Maybe I'm too judgmental, but that's what I think. No one is too good these days.:D O.k., O.k., he was fine... (and super hot, and his dark blue eyes... Stop, Juliette, I got it!).

Writing style is another "interesting" thing to talk about... I definitely can appreciate poetically written novel (when it feels like you're reading poem in prose), in fact I love me some more beautiful lines, but this time I felt like author was trying too hard. There was too many lyrical sentences not only for one chapter, but for one page. And I don't know if I enjoyed sitting in poet's head that much. 

As for the plot, it wasn't much of it as well. More like too much back story with slight touch of world building, "touch-me-everywhere" at some unenlightened places and "let's talk"-s. I love my dystopians to be more action packed, because I can read contemporary romances anytime and all those kissy-touchy scenes won't be out of place there.

Overall, it was not bad-not good. Some places made me laugh because things were soo messed up and everything was sooo banal there. Like I've said, only one character made me enjoy this novel at least in some way and don't give it 2 stars and he's not even a main character and he missed big chunk of a book. That's not what I want from dystopian novels, even from YA ones, because I don't judge a book by age groups.
I know that my real-life friends (wow, sounds a bit weird, don't ya think?:)) won't read this book, so I can't really recommend it to anyone outside my social networking world. And even there, I don't think this book will be on my top recs list, ever.
It's kinda sad, because I've wached and read only positive reviews from my online friends. Maybe I have different taste then.

Hope this review wasn't mean, I just tried to speak from my heart. O.K., it had some fun parts, too, but they couldn't change my final thought. 

Have an awesome book in your hand and DFTBA!

* *,5 stars.

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