Wednesday, 19 February 2014

The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein | Little Book Review

I haven't read it when I was a kid and this is my first read.
This story made me feel sad, because no matter how many years ago it was written, it still stays true up to this day.
People often don't appreciate what they have and keep asking too much. And the ones who love us can sacrifice everything to make us happy.
I think we need to give back and not only take-take-take whatever we want. It might be hard, but we need to try, because our own Giving Tree can become a stump, or in worse case - empty space...

It's truly amazing how sometimes children's books can give us more food for thoughts than some of the adult ones. Hm.
Sad story that made me think...

(1st photo source, 2nd photo source)
I'm sure lots of you have read. What do you think about this little, but not less profound children's picture book?

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