Sunday, 9 March 2014

Top Ten Series I Want To Start, but Haven't Yet.... YA EDITION.

I guess, everyone has that guilty (or kinda guilty, because I don't feet that guilty about that) list in head. So here's mine, with teeny-tiny explanations:

1. The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer.

 I know, I know, this series is super popular and got a lot of hype these past few years and I own first 2 books (Cinder and Scarlett), but for some weird reason I keep putting it off. I'll try to read it soon, especially since the 3rd one, Cress, came out recently and I really want to read them back-to-back.

2. Legend Trilogy by Marie Lu.

 I have a little strange reason for this one, but still. I wanted to read this series for such a loooong time, I own all 3 books, thought I researched it well, but, BUT (and I don't even know how I missed that...*idiot*), but I didn't know this series was based on Les Miserables... @-@ And ever since I found out about that, I just lost an excitement... I can't even explain why... 
 But, after all the hype on Booktube started to fade a lil', I want to finally jump on that bandwagon and read all three one after another.=)

3. Chaos Walking Trilogy by Patrick Ness.

 Well, I don't really have a reason for still not reading this trilogy, tbh. And since I own all of the books and don't have an excuse as well. So, *fingers crossed*, I'll read it in 2014.

4. Summer Series by Jenny Han.

 I want to read this series, but little later, maybe closer to summer. And, thanks God, I own only the 1st book.. *fuh*

5. The Archived Duology/Trilogy/Series (who knows!) by Victoria Scwab.

 I'll read it. Soon. Promise.

6. (see what I've done there? haha) Gone Series by Michael Grant.

 There're 6 chunksters in this series, guys. SIX! I own the first book (and it's not me, who done that with cover. I bought it used) and keep preparing myself to read it.

7. The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare.

 Read first 4 books in The Mortal Instruments series in January 2013 and recently got the 5th one. But I want to read this series even more, because a lot of people keep saying that it's even better than TMI... Hm, and I really liked TMI! So, can't wait.
 Own first 2 books, btw.... In Russian.

8. The Fifth Wave trilogy(?) by Rick Yancey.

 Heard mixed reviews, but still plan to read it. Actually this month as a group read.=) My edition is in Russian, btw.

9. Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children trilogy (?) by Ransom Riggs.

 The 2nd book came out recently, but I haven't read the 1st one yet. I know, shame on me. Especially, since I have 2 copies of the 1st book - in Russian (bought) and in English (won). But, people, there're sooooo many good books out there... Oh my. I need more time.

And finally...
10. Uglies by Scott Westerfeld.

 Own all 4 books (3 and companion, Extras), because I'm cray and there was a huge booksale once... So, basically, I NEED TO READ THOSE!!!
 Oh, and Uglies and Pretties form a face together (fun fact for you...). Yay! to Russian editions, once again.=)

 Sooooooo, yeah. It's not all of the book series I have on my shelves, though, it's just a tip of an iceberg... YA tip (because I have an Adult list, too. Will post it later). And I want to read all of them, I just need more time.

 Here they are together. Enjoy the SPINES!


By the way, the realisation of the fact that I OWN TOO MANY UNREAD BOOKS made me apply a new rule: "NEVER, for the sake of sanity, buy more then 1 book in a series at once!!!". Which means, read the first book and then buy next.=)


Hope you're having a great day, reading awesome book and feeling super cool.

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