Sunday, 16 March 2014

CURRENTLY READING and stuff (or how many books can I read at the same time)

 I already know that I'm not alone in this, so... *BAM!*

I'm currently reading 6 books. *take a moment to think about that*

Before you'll start going (O___O) and *WHAAAt?* here are those books:

[and I've added the last one yesterday - 15.03.14 - and really liking it so far]

1. American Gods by Neil Gaiman.
"Американские Боги" Нила Геймана.

My copy is in Russian (as you may or may not noticed), 685 pages and I'm reading it with Booktube Reading Buddies group (Goodreads) and really enjoying so far.
By the way, this book is a bind-up of three Gaiman's works: American Gods, The Monarch of the Glen (novella) and Anansi Boys. So, it's 1120 pages in total...

Can't say I'm too far in (83 pages), though, and I'm behind, 'cos I need to read 300 or something pages by now, but I just keep getting distracted by other books and TV shows. Yeah, I'm not your best book blogger and booktuber....

But I can't help it right now. None of the books in this post can capture my interest for a long time, enough for finishing it. Oh well... I'll do my best and at least participate in final discussion. Because I've created this blog and my booktube channel to PARTICIPATE! (yeah, The Perks of Being a Wallflower style). =)
 Wish me luck!
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2. Mistborn. The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson.
"Пепел и сталь" Брендона Сандерсона.

Was reading Russian e-book and it's HUGE on my e-reader, so I ordered a physical copy. I know, it's bad... But. But... I don't know what "but".

I was hooked from first pages, but once again, other books keep catching my eyes and I keep starting them. It's a problem, guys, it's a problem.

This is also a reading for Booktube Reading Buddies buddy-read, so I hope to finish it by the end of March. So far I'm like 2 or 3% in, so I can't tell you what I think about this book.

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3. Mr Penumbra's 24-hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan.

I bought this book in April 2013 (YES!) and it was sitting on my shelf since then.
Shame, shame, shame...

But then, one of my GR friends offered to read it together, and I said YES, obviously.
Now I'm only 20 pages in, can't say it grabbed me yet, but I'm hopping for best.

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4. Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Mass.
"Стеклянный трон" Сары Дж. Маас.

I can tell you, I'm reading this book because of hype and also I like to say "Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas" - sounds cool, isn't it? =)

 Almost all of my GR friend loved this book to bits and I, as always, have a little problem with it (over-hyped books+me=long story). This book happened to be the one I'm more far in - 58% on my e-reader. And despite the fact that I enjoy many parts, I also don't really like other ones.
 It's too YA-ish in parts and also too wordy, when it seems like there don't have to be THAT MANY words.
 And also, where did she (author) got those names??? Well, I like them, but just interested in knowing that. I'm glad I have that "How-to-Spell Guide" at the end of the book, so it helped a lot.

Oh, and I'm team Chaol FOR SURE!!! And I don't want it to change.=) Not really into Princes this days (I mean in books, because Princes from Once Upon A Time TV show are ...HOT! And I love them. Just saying...=D)

O.K., I think Throne of Glass will be the first or second book I'll finish this month, and maybe I'll have to skip some part to do this, tbh.
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5. Half Bad by Sally Green.
"Напівлихий" Саллі Грін.

 Bought it from publisher as soon as I learned it will be reliased on March 3 in Ukrainian. Received it on March 4, started reading, got hooked, but then Penumbra happened. I'm only 20 pages in as well, but like it WAY MORE then Mr P. I hope to read it soon, because I planned to finish it in one-two sittings right after I got it, but life and other books...
 O.K., it's really good so far and I think it will be an awesome roller-coaster ride of feels (at least that's what I've gathered from reviews).

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6. the TERRIBLE THING that HAPPENED to BARNABY BROCKET by John Boyne, illustrated by Jliver Jefers (???) = Oliver Jeffers (obviously).
[that's how it's written in my book...weird. I haven't seen mistakes like this]
"с БАРНАБИ БРАКЕТОМ случилось ужасное" Джона Бойна.
Like can you see this??? Or it's just me???

 O.K., then.=)

 I've added this book to my "Currently Reading" shelf on Goodreads yesterday, few hours before midnight. Read 50 pages before went to sleep and really liking it so far. Wondering, where this story goes.
 This edition is in Russian, so maybe that's why I'm reading it so quickly. Hope to be done with this book today (March 16, 2014), and also hope Reign won't stay on my way... =D
 By the way, illustrations are awesome! Oliver Jeffers have done an amazing job and they suits the story perfectly.

Goodreads Link

O.K. that's it.


Hope you're having an lovely day, reading an amazing book and DFTBA!!!

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