Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Outlander. Pt.1 by Diana Gabaldon | Unfinished-book Review

 Sooo, I guess that Outlander series is not working for me. This book made me add "I just can't" shelf here (my DNF/leafed-through-to-finish shelf).

I've expected something more than this when I bought first 3 books (I'll never do it again!), and you should know that ib those Russian editins each book is devided into 2 volumes, soooo... I've basically bought 6 books...:(

Main character, Claire, hasn't met my expectations. I thought I'll get some kick-ass nurse that travelled from post WWII time and will be all that experienced in medicine and maybe teach someone from the past (maybe it'll happen in future, but I just can't make myself reading this book any more) and also be smarter than the one in book. But... She's that type of woman, don't really know how to explain, stereotypical I guess, that ruins the image of modern women. 
She's cheating on her husband and it's not a big deal, her decisions are more often I just don't understand, all the things she's doing are only leading to her escape and she doesn't care about anyone else. O.k. I don't like this character. 
And for me, if I don't like the main character, like at all, and don't care if someone will kill her that's a point, where I don't want to read this book any more. Maybe someday in future, but not now.

As for Jamie, her love interest ot whatever, yes, I can understand his all cool and hot-hot-hot, but for some reason I just don't really like him as well... He's just O.K. for me. Maybe, if I meet someone like him in real life I'd change my opinion, or maybe if I'd continue with this series I'll sympathize him more, but right now I got what I got...

It started really promising, but simply fell from the cliff for me. I've read 394 pages out of 544 and putting this book back on my shelf. For some time.
And yes, I know that lots of you, guys, LOVE Outlander series, but as for me, I realised that historical fiction that revolves around romance only (with only sex-sex-sex) isn't for me.

Hope everyone is having a great day! Keep reading and DFTBA!

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