Friday, 15 November 2013

Le Premier Jour (The First Day/Первый день) by Marc Levy | Book Review

End line. Finish. Done.
2-2,5 stars maximum.
The premise was sooo promising. But I think that this kind of stories should be created by sci-fi/fantasy writers, and not by contemporary/romance ones. Because otherwise everything just falls apart and the unravelling of "beginning of everything" mystery turns into "oh, we have to sleep in the same tent *blushes, blushes, blushes*, that's indecent!"... Gush, is this really so important right now???

I stopped caring about the characters on a halfway point (that tells something, right?). All those Rome-Paris-London-Paris-Moscow-London-Addis-Ababa-Rome jumps were pretty cool during first 100 pages, but then... Only anger and frustration were evoked. No proper mystery, no point in actions, each step closer to solving a problem caused murder of every person, who can help. Stupid, like some detective story parody. "Oh, I know the answer. It's..." *Shot!*
O.K. I'll stop this rant. I just didn't like it at all. And won't recommend it to my fellow readers. 

Hope you're reading your next favorite book now. Have a great day!

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About my copy:
- In Russian (3rd cover)
- Hardback, published by "Inostranka", 448 pages.
- Own (Damn! I wish I could borrow it back then. And why? WHY? did I buy the 2nd book??? :( )
- Short story >> I've been reading it for about 1,5 years... Jeeez.
Covers in this post are taken from this awesome site.

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